Pretty Boys: History of Masculinity x Makeup

with David Yi

Uncover the history of men, masc-identifying folx and their relation to beauty. How does masculinity evolve and change forms and what does this say about us? How can we mend our relationship with masculinity?


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David Yi

David Yi is the founder and editor of Very Good Light, a men's and masc-identifying beauty publication and author of the book, PRETTY BOYS, which became an instant bestselling new book on Amazon. His beauty brand, good light, launched in March 2021 and received awards from SELF magazine and Elite Daily. In 2021 he was named one of Logo's 30 LGBTQ+ pioneers. He was also named Glossy's 50 alongside entrepreneurs like Selena Gomez and Venus Williams. In 2019, Marie Claire named him ""25 People Changing the Beauty Conversation."" He's been written about in the NYT, LAT, Forbes, Allure, among others as the thought leader in identity, masculinity, men's beauty, identity, and Asian American advocacy. David has championed DEI in his decade of journalism, writing for the likes of the WSJ, GQ, Vogue, WWD as well as launching the fashion and beauty verticals at Mashable in 2015. A founder of AIM, Advocates for Inclusion in Media, he is a GLAAD and Webby nominee. David is a producer, television writer, and in the midst of selling his first three shows in 2021.

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