Climate & Human Rights Journalist

We strongly encourage Black Brown Indigenous and people of the Global Majority to apply for this role. The work Slow Factory does at the intersection of climate justice and human rights is deeply anchored in decoloniality and requires the perspective of people from the Global Majority.

How you will contribute

  • Suggest and write origin stories about the social & environmental effects of the systems and structures leading towards climate catastrophe, with an emphasis on solutions and intersection with Slow Factory’s work
  • Research, fact-check and verify writing from Slow Factory for web, social & print
  • Edit other writers’ work
  • Take a leadership role in curating the editorial strategy and voice of Slow Factory’s platforms
  • Bring a strong anti-colonial perspective to journalistic analysis


  • Energetic & passionate journalistic mind, with a mission to educate the public about the complex societal forces currently affecting
  • Strong work ethic, excited by a fast pace environment
  • Understand the perspectives of the global south and global majority, ideally from first-hand experience
  • Deeply motivated and independent worker, while working well in a close-knit team

Why work with us

Using a holistic, equity-centered approach, we bridge science, human rights, technology, fashion & culture to develop products, resources and certifications for industry and consumers alike.

Our team of experts come from varied and creative backgrounds including journalism, trend forecasting, design, technology, and more. As a team, we value collaboration, an open-mind, respectfulness, compassion, and communication.

The opportunity to think in systems outside of white supremacy and colonialism for the sole purpose of creatively and intentionally dismantling these very systems of oppression is a unique invitation.

Slow Factory is a community and a family where you can come to work as yourself, where the work itself is a collective healing process allowing you to blossom, expand in your areas of expertise and be constantly inspired by your team members.

Our team is made of super heroes—and we think you’d be a great addition to work on big projects and opportunities to impact this world in a positive way for generations to come.

We invite you to bridge your values with your everyday actions and join a team doing important work the world, our communities and Mother Earth deeply needs.

How to Apply

Please email to

  • Your resume
  • Link to social or web presence
  • 30s video introducing yourself, saying something you will bring to this role