Slow Factory is a school, knowledge partner and climate innovation lab focused on addressing the intersecting crises of climate justice and social inequity through narrative change and regenerative design.

A globe-like icon with grid lines running through it and smaller circles orbiting around.

6 million in global reach

An icon of a pencil and ruler criss-crossing to make an X shape.

Innovative + collaborative education

An icon showing a human, a sun and a tree, with a line that connects them all as if they work together in a circular system.

Cross-industry synergic programming

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An image of a truck dumping garbage into a landfill pile. The sky is blue and filled with billowy clouds.

Landfills As Museums

A scatter of sketchbook pages featuring drawings, images and collages.

WM Design Challenge 2021

A close up image of a desk in a material science lab, where a person is pouring a  soft lime-colored liquid into a plastic tray. Other lab equipment is scattered on the desktop.

One X One

Past Partners

Adidas logo. Three slanted stripes of different heights that resemble a pyramid shape.
Brightland CA logo written in a minimal font.
Fibershed logo. There is a small icon with lines in a circle that resemble a weave or braid.
Natura logo. The icon is a flower that looks like it is warped around the bottom of a sphere.
Tazo logo written in a simple mono font.
Tood logo written in a bold font. The letter O's are shorter in height so that the top line of the letter T continues above the O's.
Tony Chocoloney logo written in a playful font.
Vestiaire Collective logo.
G-Star Raw logo written in a bold, block-like font.
Bolt Threads logo.
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WM logo, with a line that reads
1 Hotel Central Park logo. The main feature of the logo is a large number 1 with
Eileen Fisher logo written in a sans-serif font.
UAL Central Saint Martins logo.
Fashion Institute of Technology logo. There is a black circle icon with the letters
The New School Parsons logo. The letters are written in bold letters of all different widths.
Fashion Revolution logo that is a box with a black outline and the text is inside.
Noah logo written in an arch in a mini slab font. There is a cross that sits underneath the text.
Ever & Ever logo written in a narrow, all lowercase font.
Just Water logo.
Swarovski logo written in a simple, narrow serif font.
Swe-S logo written in a simple serif font.
The Real Real logo written in a classic serif font.