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Collective liberation for people and nature. Design & education for the global majority.

We are the Global Majority

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Our Liberation is Interconnected & Interdependent

As an international multiracial, multiclass and intergenerational collective, we aim to empower the voices and ideas of intentionally disenfranchised communities, including BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and Disabled folks, as the key solution to Social & Climate Justice. We ensure that our content is always free, equitable and accessible to limit all barriers to entry.

This venn diagram shows the intersectionality of Slow Factory's work. A yellow circle represents education, a blue circle represents systems design and a red circle represents narrative change.

Seeding Racial, Climate & Disability Justice Through:

An icon illustrating an apple sitting on top of a book cover.

Open education

An icon of a human figure giving a speech at a podium.

Sustainability conferences

An icon showing 3 squares—one with stripes, one with zig zag stripes and one with dots. Each represents a different material.

Material innovation

A recycling symbol consisting of 3 arrows that are folded in half so that together they form a triangle shape.

Waste-led design

A gridded globe icon surrounded by small human icons that look as if they are holding hands.

Universal design

An icon that shows a piece of paper with writing. There is a caret on the side of the paper to make it resemble a speech bubble.

Narrative change

There are 3 icons - A truck, a factory and one with 3 human figures. A dotted line forms a circle that connects each of these icons together.

Supply chain transformation