Seeding Climate, Racial & Disability Justice through:

  • Open Education
  • Accessibility Design
  • Narrative Change
  • Material Innovation
  • Supply Chain Transformation
  • Sustainability Conferences
  • Waste to Resource Models

“My mind is exploding in conceptualizing all these connections of science to textiles, and the concept of flavor profiles through chemistry is amazing. ”

— Bettina Hobson

“As a diasporic POC person it’s so hard for me to access information that aligns with my heritage. Growing up the default knowledge society is one that is white, Eurocentric, Anglocentric, and androcentric. Before Slow Factory, I had no idea about cultural perpetuity, community actualisation, or even what decolonization really was. You all have enabled me to access knowledge that truly aligns with who I am and where I’m from 🙏 and thank you so much for that 💟💟”

— Junnade @junnade

“Hi all! I wanted to thank you for the work you do to educate all of us. I am grateful to have been able to attend your recent online art showcase event, “I Really Love This Song”, it made me feel so inspired to see other artists like myself creating and sharing revolutionary art. Your workshops, resources, and posts are much appreciated and very helpful❤️”

— Thena @pallas.a.thena

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