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Collective liberation for people and nature. Design & education for the global majority.

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  • $3,000 - Funds an expert instructor to create a curriculum and teach a Slow Factory Open Edu course
  • $5,500 — Support two Slow Factory Fellows funding Indigenous research, carbon sequestration and untraditional climate studies focused on traditional ecological knowledge for the people of the global majority
  • $8,400 — Grant designers of the Global Majority funds to create circular, waste-led designs each year
  • $10,000 — Support an entire Open Edu Class from production, to instruction, accessibility, and post-production, which have helped almost half of all students create a new department within their job or institution
  • $25,000 — Support a climate scientist researching and applying knowledge on plastic-free solutions for the product industry
  • $50,000 — Fund Slow Factory’s research, writing, design and production and printed matters text books (2 data scientists, 3 researchers, 2 designers, 1 video editor, 2 editors, 2 social media designers)
  • $120,000 — Support a full semester or Open Education providing free accessible climate education to over 30,000 students (12 instructors funded to research, develop and teach climate-informed curriculum)
  • $250,000 — Support a year (two semesters + summer program) of Open Education providing free accessible climate literacy for all (salary for 25 instructors to develop and teach climate-informed curriculum)
  • $500,000 — Support half of our team’s salaries for a year and health care
  • $1,000,000 — Become a founding member of the Slow Factory Institute in New York, the first independent climate school training 400 people per semester for climate adaptations creating new jobs for the product industries to be waste-free and regenerative
  • $1,500,000 — Support the entire Slow Factory team’s salary, health care as well as funding 45 instructors through the Open Education program

Seeding Climate, Racial & Disability Justice Through:

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Open education

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Sustainability conferences

An icon showing 3 squares—one with stripes, one with zig zag stripes and one with dots. Each represents a different material.

Material innovation

A recycling symbol consisting of 3 arrows that are folded in half so that together they form a triangle shape.

Waste-led design

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Universal design

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Narrative change

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Supply chain transformation