The revolution is a school.

An interactive activation for collective liberation.

Homeroom at MoMA PS1 in NYC — Exhibition, workshop series & Earth Day Celebration

In MoMA PS1's Homeroom from January 22 through April 23rd, 2022.

Earth Day Celebration Line-up


A photo of Olivia Rose, who is also known as Original Rose. She is a white woman with long brown hair wearing a brights orange dress with feather cuffs.

Terrariums with Olivia Rose

A black circle with the words

Herb Bundling with One Love Community Fridge

One the left - Marni Majorelle, a smiling white woman with long blonde hair, wearing a casual suit jacket. On the right - jackie sumel, a tan woman with curly shoulder-length hair. She is wearing a big smile, short-sleeve shirt and denim overalls.

Planting with Marni Marjorell from Alive Structures and jackie sumell with LESGC

Upcycling Stations

Makayla Wray is a woman with long black hair in small braids all over. She is wearing a decorated leather jacket and is sitting in a sewing studio.

Makayla Wray

AAn image Krista Sison, the person behind Multitudes Studio. Her face is covered because she is holding a stack of old denim scraps on her shoulder. She is wearing a white top that pops against the blue sky.

Multitudes Studio

Mae is an Asian woman with short plantinum hair and big circular glasses. She is standing outdoors and is wearing a bright blue tie dyed t-shirt.

Screen Printing with Mae Stark

Additional Guests

A black rectangle with the letters NBN cut out out. The NBN stands for North Brooklyn Neighbors.

North Brooklyn Neighbors North Brooklyn Neighbors is a grassroots non-profit advancing community-based solutions on issues of public space and the environment through activism, education, and collaboration.

Live Performances

An illustration of a young girl with curly pink hair wearing orange headphones DJ'ing a musical set. The background is a bright blue.

DJ Eli of Lower East Side Girls Club

Jasmine Solano, a tan woman with long curly brown hair wearing a pink and green floral blazer. She stands behind her DJ equipment.

Jasmine Solano

Felukah, an Egyptian woman, with curly black hair and tan skin wearing a black one-shoulder crop top and some gold necklaces. She stands in front of bright green foliage.


This image shows the back of Collis Browne, a person with short platinum hair, wearing a fuschia shirt that is draped down to the elbows to show off their shoulders. This person is standing in the darkness and a bright light is illuminating them.

Darius Christian, a black man with chin-length braids and facial hair holds a trombone. He is wearing all black and stands in front of an all black backdrop.

Rachel Thierrien, a white woman with strawberry blonde hair, wearing a suit jaclet and top hat. She is smiling a holding her trumpet while standing in front of a beige background.

Collis Browne with guests Darius Christian, Rachel Thierrien, Syntyché Francella

Sam Waymon, a older black man wearing a black beret, a dark green plaid shirt, and navy vest. She looks into the camera as he plays the piano.

Phyllis Kee, a black woman with braided hair that sits in a ponytail. She is wearing a red jacket and sings into her microphone.

Syntyché Francella, a black woman with big thick glasses and bold lips, looking off into the distance.

Sam Waymon with guests Phyllis Kee, Syntyché Francella, Collis Browne

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