Slow Factory is an award-winning platform radically imagining and creating solutions to the intersecting crises of climate justice & human rights through cultural change, science and design. The scope of our work is both broad and deep.

Our Work:

Media Justice

This campaign aims to raise visibility for crimes against humanity taking place NOW in Palestine. Our goal is to raise $250,000 USD to buy billboards in public spaces in major cities in the US, UK and Canada to bring visibility to the #FreePalestine movement globally.

Garment to Garment

Slow Factory’s Garment to Garment Program (G2G) pilot kicks off during Climate Week New York, closing NYFW 2023. The G2G pilot program establishes a design method centered around design for disassembly and creating knowledge and systems contributing to supply chain innovation.

2023-24 Fellowship Program

The theme for this year is Systemic Change explored through various lenses including the need for reparations, degrowth, hyperlocal systems, fashion, media theory and so much more! We’re so proud to support and fund the work of Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Disabled folk!

Planet Justice: Are you here for it?

The 2023 Live Ideas festival co-curated by Slow Factory at Bill T Jones’ New York Live Arts exploring the idea that climate justice is rooted in social justice, anti-colonialism, global collaboration, human rights, and the rights of nature to thrive. Five days of art and action with performances, interactive installation, workshops, outdoor festival, symposium, and more.

Applied Utopia

Applied Utopia begins with a radical principle — Utopia can be reimagined as a practical guiding principle, a blueprint for action in the now.

MoMA PS1: The Revolution is a School

Slow Factory residency at MoMA PS1’s Homeroom, a 3 month interactive and multimedia exhibition and Open Edu workshops, culminating in an Earth Day festival with workshops, and musical performances.

Open Edu

Free and accessible education program focused on sustainability, equity, climate justice, and human rights. Classes center the expertise and concerns of people from the global majority.

Study Hall

International and interdisciplinary conference series featuring climate justice and human rights advocates, sustainability experts, scientists, fashion industry leaders, artists, and cultural workers.

One X One

A partnership program that pairs businesses with scientists and sustainability experts. These collaborations drive innovation in design, equity in supply chains, and circularity in materials development––and can be adapted to scale.

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