We’re so excited to announce our Slow Factory Fellows! This year, we’re working with more than a dozen scholars, designers, activists, writers, and researchers to explore new ways of being and new ways of moving towards a just, equitable and sustainable future and processes.

Our Fellowship program evolved out of our previous work commissioning research and articles on pressing issues that inform our systemic change work within industry and external facing in Slow Journal. These research programs include work by Teju Adissa-Farar, Adib Dada and Charles El Hayek that can be found on Slow Journal.

The theme for the Class of 2023 is Systemic Change explored through various lenses including the need for reparations, degrowth, hyperlocal systems, fashion, media theory and so much more!

We’re so proud to support and fund the work of Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Disabled folk!

2023 Fellows

Allen Salway

The Role of Mutual Aid in Indigenous Sovereignty

Dr. Suja R. Sawafta

Orientalism & Environmental Justice

maya finoh

A New Vision of Revolutionary Pan-Africanism & Black Liberation

Zaya Ribeiro

Indigenous Knowledge in Brazil

Sha’Mira Covington

Black Fashion: Revolution and the Somatics of Joy and Pleasure

Korina Emmerich

Collective Indigenous Spaces

Amber Starks

Black & Indigenous Futurisms

Isaias Hernandez

Climate Education

Cara Marie Piazza

Natural Dyeing & Hyperlocal Systems

Jennifer White-Johnson

Disability & Design

Sulaiman R. Khan

Disability & Intimacy

Makayla Wray

Design for Disassembly

Dr. Maytha Alhassen

Creative Critical Media Literacy

Tori Tsui

Environ(mental) health

Aditi Desai

Degrowth & Smart Cities