Garment to Garment

Pilot Program —
Launching Climate Week, New York, 2023

Slow Factory’s Garment to Garment pilot is a circular design program funding a cohort of five designers of the Global Majority whose practice revolves around design for disassembly and upcycling, refining their practice & sharing knowledge.

There is a massive uncharted field of opportunities between recycling and landfills, where Slow Factory is leading the way to design and create regenerative systems to use waste as a resource.

The pilot will create knowledge and systems contributing to supply chain innovation, and will continue to build upon Slow Factory’s mission of making education and design accessible for all, serving as a skills training component for our 30,000 students enrolled in our Open Edu program.

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Upcycling & Repair Hubs

Garment to Garment funds, supports & empowers Slow Factory’s fellow designers representing the Global Majority to refine their practice as professional upcyclers and creators focused on climate justice and human rights, and share knowledge with our students.

Meet our Designers: