On Applied Utopia: A Note from the Editor

by Céline Semaan

Dear Reader, With this first volume, “Applied Utopia” acts as a text book that provides an array of interviews, essays, poems inviting a new framework of study and exploration about what innovation looks like and how we allow ourselves to imagine a better outcome. Not just for a better tomorrow, but for a present that is consciously in solidarity with one another and designed to foster regenerative ideas, systems and processes that are ultimately designed with our humanity in mind and with full respect and harmony with Nature.

Utopia literally means: “no place.” But for us it’s not a destination, it’s a process, which means “making innovation real.” The concept of “Applied Utopia” is an invitation to apply innovation and make it real. Everywhere. All the time. All at once. Improving. Getting closer to our ideals. Applying systems to restore oppressive ones. Healing to expand in mind, spirit, and body. Possibilities. Reclaiming land, rights, bodily-autonomy, reclaiming culture.

“Applied Utopia” means to regenerate what was lost, and to continue building on a culture of deep respect and radical generosity. It means joy, radical imagination, to “thrive,” to grow and become our ancestors’ wildest dreams. It means to understand nature, behave in harmony with it, and to apply the possibilities in our everyday lives.

In this beautiful first collection of “Applied Utopia” works and printed matter produced by Slow Factory we begin to see the breadth of work, influence and new paradigm shifts a small but mighty organization run by a child-refugee can inspire. And we cannot help but feel that the best is yet to come. There are more days ahead of us.

In solidarity, Céline