Healing for Collective Liberation Online Community Gathering

by Slow Factory

Slow Factory is organizing a digital community gathering space for us to come together in communion and healing for our collective freedoms.

Slow Factory’s mandate is advocating for human rights and climate justice for people everywhere, including Palestine and the whole SWANA region, which suffers from human rights violations and is an ecological “sacrifice zone.”

Join us for a healing circle for collective liberation.

Register here: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEudeiurjMrGNytz_M_jfTk5ACQ2aAAaq8z

Slow Factory

The Slow Factory team is a cross-disciplinary group of researchers, academics, artists, and scientists working at the intersection of climate justice and social justice. We work to provide anti-colonial climate education that has a direct impact on building a more just and sustainable world. With an emphasis on systems that have been intentionally created to produce waste, pollution, and injustice we aim to dismantle and design these systems to instead produce justice, equity, and a healthier planet.