Spiritual Capacity

with Syntyché Francella

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Collective Healing

This presentation contains ASL interpretation

Syntyché’s current thesis and practice is focused on “Spiritual Capacity”; a way to measure, move, and accept the revolutionary and often intense change we find ourselves in. The amount of social, emotional, spiritual and physical trauma that the collective has experienced - in just the last three years is profound. If we follow the wisdom of spirit, supported by science, this may be an invitation to pause for a moment and notice. Spiritual Capacity is a shift from dysregulation to awareness. It is an embodied spiritual practice that asks us to tap into the part of us that has the capacity to be free and consciously create the space for freedom to emerge and occupy our mental, physical, emotional, spiritual vessels.

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Syntyché Francella

Syntyché Francella is a medicine woman and yoga therapist. Through Dehya Yoga, she offers BIPOC bodies space to move, breathe and heal online and in person. A trained diplomat and educator with over two decades in the field, she believes in the healing power of intuition movement and community. Syntyché is trained in a range of modalities; from kundalini and yin yoga to trauma-informed therapies and practices which empower folks to embody freedom daily.

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