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Systems & Design Thinking

Critical Media Studies

Reparative Media with Dr. Aymar Jéan Christian

Critical Media Literacy with Dr. Maytha Alhassen

Cancel Culture with Fariha Róisín

Fashion & Beauty Politics

Regenerative Economics

(Re)designing Corporations with Céline Semaan

Leather: Fashion’s Dirty Secret with Céline Semaan, João Talocchi, Greg Higgs, Teju Adisa-Farrar, Cameron Russell

Q&A: Ask Me Anything with Aja Barber, Liz Ricketts, Céline Semaan, Dounia Wone

Upcycling Workshop — Waste as a Resource with Nicole McLaughin, Akilah Stewart

Jewelry Design for the Real World with Wing Yau, Bliss Lau

Environmental Impact

Material Literacy

Material Literacy with Seetal Solanki

History of Cotton with Teju Adisa-Farrar, Sha'Mira Covington

History of Microplastics with Madeleine MacGillivray

History of Plastic with Dr. Theanne Schiros

Collective Healing

CARE IS WHAT WE DO with Ross Gay

Spiritual Capacity with Syntyché Francella

Systemic Racism & Identity Politics

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