Equity-Centered Community Design

with Antionette Carroll

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How does Equity-Centered Community Design go beyond diversity and inclusion, and how can it be applied to the fashion industry? Creative Reaction Lab, an education reform organization that specializes in leadership development and changing culture will dive deeper into ECCD as a practice, expanding on last semester’s Design Justice class.


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Antionette Carroll

Antionette D. Carroll is the Founder and CEO of Creative Reaction Lab, a nonprofit social enterprise designing healthy and racially equitable communities for Black and Latinx populations through education and training programs, community engagement consulting, an online national platform, and open-source tools and resources. Creative Reaction Lab is creating a collaborative youth-led, community-centered movement challenging racial inequities in the education, media, health and healthcare, and government and public service sectors. Within this capacity, Antionette has pioneered a new form of creative problem solving called Equity-Centered Community Design. Throughout her career, Antionette has worked for non-profits working for social justice, human rights, and diversity and inclusion. These experiences led to her background as a social entrepreneur, non-profit leader, and design activist. Antionette’s personal mission in life is to CHALLENGE standards, make CHANGE, and CHAMPION approaches resulting in foundational and community impact.

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