Indigenous Sovereignty in Brazil

with Zaya Ribeiro

Indigenous sovereignty begins with demarcated territory!

Building upon Zaya’s fellowship with The Slow Factory, this course will begin by laying a foundation to understand what is at stake for Indigenous people and the world, deconstructing the colonial myth of the “empty forest”, and providing an analysis of the present situation in Brazil through an Indigenous perspective.

Zaya Ribeiro

Born and raised in an Indigenous community in the remote Brazilian Amazon, Zaya Guarani (b. 2001) belongs to a line of strong women who have led their communities as both shamans and spiritual guides. Continuing her ancestral tradition of political and spiritual engagement, Zaya has chosen to dedicate her platform as an internationally renowned model to the ongoing global struggle for Indigenous rights and climate justice. A member of the powerful Kamurape and Guarani Mbya ethnicities, Zaya initially infused her traditional Indigenous upbringing with a Western-style education after earning a scholarship to attend the German College of Rio de Janeiro at the age of 16. Shortly thereafter, Zaya was spotted by Dayana Molina, a prominent Brazilian Indigenous rights advocate, stylist, and columnist, with whom Zaya would found the first Indigenous Creative Collective (featured in Vogue Brazil and Elle Brazil) dedicated to Indigenous representation in the fashion world.

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