Fashion And Cultural Heritage

with Yasmeen Mjalli

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Fashion and...

Preserving Indigenous Practices through Fashion and Indigenous practices such as embroidery, weaving and pattern making. In this class, fashion entrepreneur and activist from Palestine will explore anthropological and ancient wisdom related to fashion in the region for thousands of years.

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Yasmeen Mjalli

Yasmeen Mjalli a creative who found herself in the diaspora and moved back to Palestine where she is now based. She is the creative director of Nöl Collective, an intersectional feminist and political fashion collective which designs and produces apparel in Palestine as well as provides a space for local women-run cooperatives and brands to feature their work. Nöl strives to highlight the intersections of feminism, Palestinian culture, ethical fashion, and social justice within a larger political and historical framework--all through the lens of fashion. She graduated from UNCG with a degree in art history and studied at Duke University where she explored the intersections of feminism, Occupation, and displacement.