Universal Design Is Disability Justice

To focus on anti-colonialism and collective liberation, we acknowledge as a predominately hearing and abled organization, these efforts must also include disability justice. Though we are not a disability justice movement organization, we are learning and abiding by Universal Design principles, as well as strive to work directly with leaders in the disability rights movement to ensure our efforts for inclusion and equity in totality.

Universal Design is a model that considers the diverse needs of people within the design process. This level of system thinking benefits everyone regardless of their age, size, ability or disability. As an educational platform, it’s fundamental that our work considers broadly every user’s experience.

Inclusion and equity is the breadth and depth of the work that we do. Our goals for 2022 include: hiring deaf interpreters, adding board members within the disability community, and sharing our platform with a diversity of perspectives that share the collective goal for climate justice. The earth belongs to all of us.

We believe that Universal Design sets a model that can lead to actual liberation. The intersectionality of equity begins with information access in spoken, written, and sign language.

Accessibility Testing

Slow Factory is committed to accessibility and recognizes the practice is in constant development. Our website is constructed to follow all accessibility best practices. Currently, our virtual programs include hearing American Sign Language interpreters and live transcripts. Social media posts include image descriptions, alt text, and English subtitles on videos.

We welcome feedback on how we can improve on access: