Fashion And Sexual & Reproductive Health

with Erica Chidi

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How have our cultural systems impacted our sexual and reproductive freedom? Can empathetic fashion design challenge those systems to evolve? This course will unpack the tension and potential between the body, the designer and what we ultimately choose to wear.

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Erica Chidi

Erica Chidi is the Co-founder and CEO of LOOM, a wellbeing platform empowering women through sexual and reproductive health education. She is passionate about helping people cultivate body literacy and giving them the tools to advocate for their health and wellbeing. At LOOM she’s pioneering a new form of online education that weaves together inclusivity, empathy and science to help women thrive in their bodies at every stage of their lives. LOOM builds on her work as the author of the best-selling book, Nurture: A Modern Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Early Motherhood. In her work as both a doula and health educator, she has helped thousands of women discover and deepen their self-care. Erica began her practice in San Francisco, volunteering as a doula within the prison system, working with pregnant inmates. She took her passion for women’s health and went on to build a successful pre and postnatal coaching practice in Los Angeles, while continuing to work with Reproductive Justice organizations that center and serve BIPOC’s and the LGBTQIA+ community. She has written for The New York Times and been featured in Vogue, Goop, The Cut and Marie Claire.

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