Access Intimacy for Disability Justice

with Sulaiman R. Khan

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Collective Healing

This presentation contains ASL interpretation

This class is part of Sulaiman R. Khan’s fellowship with The Slow Factory which explores the idea of Disability, sex, and relationships for new ways of being and moving towards a just, liberated and regenerative future and processes.

It explores how Disabled people are treated by society in relationships and what society can learn from the love of Disability.

What is the nature of intimacy when you are Disabled? What are the differences between Disabled intimacy and non-Disabled intimacy?

In a society where 80% of Disability is acquired, how does ableism impact our ability to be intimate once someone acquires a Disability and their identity changes as a result? How does it affect the ability of non-Disabled people to connect with others?

How can the intimate, loving, interdependent relationships that Disabled people are experts at forming be applied more widely to nature and regeneration?

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