Orientalism & Environmental Justice

with Dr. Suja R. Sawafta

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Environmental Impact

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This course will explore the manner in which orientalism was used as an ideological tool that mandated and justified (according to colonial powers) the occupation, dispossession, and disinheritance of native populations across the world; stripping them of their land and resources. It will demonstrate how orientalism, colonialism, and capitalism created and continue to maintain the social order and status quo of environmental devastation we are facing today and what hope lies in our return to regenerative practices of agriculture and material production cultivated by native populations across the world.

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Dr. Suja R. Sawafta

Suja Sawafta is Assistant Professor and Director of Arabic Studies at the University of Miami. Her research focuses on exile/migration and eco-critism in Modern Arabic and Franco-Arabic literature of the Mediterranean and Global South. She is currently at work on her first book on the Jordanian-born Saudi-Iraqi writer Abdulrahman Munif, a petroleum-economist turned novelist most famously known for his epic novel Cities of Salt.

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