Up-cycling Textile is a Business

with Mikayla Wray

Part of the Series:

Regenerative Design

How can we give new life to old pieces? We discuss rejecting steady consumerism by embracing nostalgia and circularity. Designer, Makayla Wray, talks through her personal and professional journey of how she’s made a living by restoring and reimagining the worn things that other people love.

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Mikayla Wray

Fashion Design is the medium for Makayla Wray’s artistic expression; it is drawn by everyday thoughts, lifestyles, experiences, music, art, and culture. The designer draws inspiration for each collection with her upbeat personality, and interest in merging the use of eccentric high-end fashion with everyday street culture. She is constantly innovating through the use of modern foundations or her imagination, merging masculine and feminine, and exaggerating details. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pa Makayla Graduated with a Bachelors From The Art Institution of Pittsburgh, in Fashion Design. Her Work as an active student helping coordinate gallery events, Fashion Shows, And collaborating with local brands, business, and music artist. Has helped to grow the developing Pittsburgh Fashion scene. She is now located in New York City