Slow Factory Book Club | The Land in Our Bones by Layla K. Feghali

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Book Clubs is back, baby! Slow Reads returns with a new book, “The Land in our Bones” by Layla K. Feghali — Lebanese author, ethnobotanist, steward, and cultural worker.

Her book, rooted in her praxis of “Plantestral Re-Membrance” asks us how we can find our way home, back to ourselves, through the natural world, Indigenous wisdom, embodied practices, and eco-cultural stewardship, specifically focused on the geographic area of Cana’an (aka the Levant).

Together, we’ll explore our connection to the Land beyond and before colonization and how we can apply the mystical and the earth-based practices for spiritual and physical healing and for bioregional rematriation.

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Tentative Reading Schedule:

First Meeting: Tuesday, July 2nd Read Part 1 / Until Page 57 Second Meeting: July 16 Part 2: Chapters 3-4 / Until Page 91 Third Meeting: August 1 Finish Part 2 (Chapters 5-7) Until Page 133 Fourth Meeting: August 13 Part 3: Chapters 8&9 / Until page 183 Fifth Meeting: August 27th Part 3: Chapters 10&11/ Until Page 214 Sixth Meeting: September 10 Part 3: Chapter 12 + Part 4: Chapter 13 / Until Page 255 7th Meeting: Sept. 24th Part 4: Chapters 14 & 15/ Until Page 298

*Note: Dates subject to change/ *

Book club will be held via Zoom and will be the same link every time! Registration Code: LAND24