Deep Ecology.

We must connect the dots between sites of struggle around the globe where people are working to restore healthy and sustainable relationships between humanity and the planet.

Each Deep Ecology initiative is a gathering of inter-national coalitions in specific geographies for intensive sessions: history, cultural exchange, campaigning and direct action, research and education, health-restoration, are some of the myriad goals of our work in Deep Ecology.

Slow Factory is building power across communities of the Global Majority to design collective liberation by knowledge sharing, mobilizing, and citizen journalism.

International solidarity in climate justice movements is a key decolonial strategy that builds new ways towards our collective liberation.

We believe in going where we have been invited, never imposing ourselves upon the people or the land of any region. For that reason we hold ourselves open to invitations for Deep Ecology programming with organizations and peoples of the Global Majority struggling against colonialism and the increasing impacts of changing climates.

Ola i Ka Wai — Water is life

Protecting the Water on O‘ahu

The first Deep Ecology collaboration began when we were invited by the O‘ahu Water Protectors to campaign against the US Navy poisoning the aquifer under Red Hill.