Study Hall L.A.
Good for the Earth, Good for the People

A Conference in collaboration with MIT Media Lab, G-Star RAW & Ace Hotel L.A.

Study Hall — Circularity, Denim & Human Rights





1-5pm + cocktails
August 26, 2018
Ace Hotel, Los Angeles

Hosted by Céline Semaan, Founder and Curator of Study Hall™ 

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Opening remarks by Céline Semaan. 


Opening Keynote by Standing Rock Founder, Ladonna Brave Bull Allard. Water is life.

A powerful pep talk for the industry to pay attention to Mother Earth’s most valuable resource: Water. Study Hall is the most inclusive and diverse conference in the industry raising the voices of Native American Women Leaders to inspire the industry with sustainable wisdom.



Colonialism, Human Rights, & Supply Chain

A panel discussion addressing colonialism and supply chain issues in the Fashion Industry. This panel will address the following questions: What are the current challenges to human rights in the fashion industry? How can we implement better human rights practices in the supply chain? What is the role of Blockchain in upgrading the supply chain to embrace human rights?

Speakers: Benjamin Skinner (Founder, Transparentem); Sam Raddochia (Co-Founder, Chronicled & Better Kinds), Anna Banks (Fair Trade USA) moderated by Lauren Fay (Fashion Revolution USA)



Debate: Broken System: who is responsible?

In this debate we address the elephant in the room: the broken system and the environmental weight we carry on our shoulders as consumers, as governments and as companies. How can we really affect change?

Speakers: Frouke Bruinsma (Corporate Responsibility Director, G-Star RAW), Jennifer Gilbert (CMO, I:CO), Danielle Nkojo (Sustainability Analyst, Department of Energy & Environment), moderated by Whitney Bauck (Assistant Editor, Fashionista)



Circularity: The Future is Here — Ignite Talks by:

  • The New Denim Project
  • The Library: Sustainable Standard (Céline Semaan)
  • Eileen Fisher (Shona Quinn, Sustainability Director)
  • Soorty (Ebru Debbag)
  • Everybody World (Iris Alonzo)
  • G-Star RAW (Adriana Galijasevic)



    Clear Solutions Can Exist Only When Embracing Both: Diversity & Inclusion

    Amber Valletta (Supermodel and Sustainability Advocate), Pashon Murray (Founder, Detroit Dirt), Patricia Ermecheo (Founder, Osomtex), Claire Bergkamp (Head of Sustainability at Stella McCartney), Moderated by: Stacy London (Stylist and TV Personality)



    Cocktails & Screening




    About THE LIBRARY™: The Library is a sustainable literacy fashion label running an education initiative: Study Hall in collaboration with MIT Media Lab. Its mission is to foster meaningful collaborations within the Fashion industry to gear its efforts towards a sustainable future.

    About the MIT Media Lab: The Media Lab opened the doors to its I.M. Pei-designed Wiesner Building in 1985, and in its first decade was at the vanguard of the technology that enabled the digital revolution and enhanced human expression: innovative research ranging from cognition and learning, to electronic music, to holography. In its second decade, the Lab literally took computing out of the box, embedding the bits of the digital realm with the atoms of our physical world. This led to expanded research in wearable computing, wireless “viral” communications, machines with common sense, new forms of artistic expression, and innovative approaches to how children learn. Now, in its fourth decade, the Media Lab continues to check traditional disciplines at the door. Product designers, nanotechnologists, data-visualization experts, industry researchers, and pioneers of computer interfaces work side by side to invent—and reinvent—how humans experience, and can be aided by, technology.

    About the MIT Media Lab Director’s Fellow Program: The Media Lab's Director’s Fellows program is a growing global network that connects the innovation and creativity of the MIT Media Lab with a broad array of leaders to catalyze thought partnership and concrete collaborations. Its goal is to expand the diversity, reach, and impact of the Media Lab and the Director’s Fellows themselves in deploying cutting edge technology, ideas, and innovation to tackle key global challenges. It also helps to shape the perspectives and experience of stakeholders throughout the network, strengthening their capacity to serve and to lead.

    About G-Star RAW: Founded in 1989, G-Star RAW remains driven by the philosophy of “Just the Product”. With this dedication to quality and progress, the brand represents the forefront of the denim industry, producing pioneering styles and challenging industry standards. Innovation and sustainability are at the core of the G-Star DNA and the brand is committed to lead by example and develop sustainable solutions for the future of fashion.

    About ACE HOTEL: Ace Hotel reimagines urban hotels for people who make cities interesting. We crave experience more than hospitality clichés. We are curious about the history and geography of the buildings we inhabit, and let these guide us to someplace fresh and familiar. Ace is the low card and the high card.

    About The Theatre at Ace Hotel: The Theatre at Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles is Ace's loving re-animation of the historic United Artists Theater. Built in 1927 for the maverick film studio founded by Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks, The Theatre stands as a monument to a group of seminal American artists — modern iconoclasts striking out on their own. Ace’s restoration of this majestic space serves as a singular stage for art, film, dance and creative celebration in the heart of the Broadway Theater District’s vibrant modern renaissance. View all upcoming events at The Theatre at Ace Hotel DTLA at

    About the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals: In 2015, countries adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals. In 2016, the Paris Agreement on climate change entered into force, addressing the need to limit the rise of global temperatures.

    Governments, businesses and civil society together with the United Nations are mobilizing efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Agenda by 2030. Universal, inclusive and indivisible, the Agenda calls for action by all countries to improve the lives of people everywhere.






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